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How much Does Slate Repair would cost?

Understandably, a slate roof repair is a lot more expensive than a replacement. And in most cases, the slate roofing, no matter how old they are do not require whole replacement instead part by part replacement will work. But of course, if you want to ensure high-quality roofing for an extended period, you better prepare a budget for it.

The average installation cost for slate roofing material alone is about $60 per square. But you would also have to pay for the framing as well as the labor. Now, if you are planning to make a complete replacement, the cost of an entirely new slate could swell up from $17,000 to about $84,000 depending on how big your house is.

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Do not be surprised by this rate because slate roofing is genuinely way better than any other kind of roofing when it comes to durability, aesthetic value, and functionality. You have to make an onetime investment, and it will last for as long as two more generations plus it adds more value to your home.